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What are Fiber Optic Adapters?

Fiber optic adapters, simply put, are made to connect fiber optic cables together. They are available in Simplex (connects single fibers) , Duplex (connects two fibers) and Quad (connects four together).

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Bare Fiber Adapters
Bare Fiber Adapters to be used for testing bulk fiber optic cable

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Hybrid Adapters
Female to Female as well as Male to Female connector types.

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LC Adapters
High quality LC Duplex, Quad, Simplex and Shuttered Adapters.

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SC Adapters
Simplex, Duplex, Shuttered or Metal.

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ST Adapters
We have both Simplex and Duplex Adapters available.

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FC Adapters
Round, oval and square, the choice is yours.

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MPO/MTP Adapters
A wide range is available.

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