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Fibertronics, specialists within the area of Media Converters.

Used as a ethernet to fiber converter, media converters can transform signals among Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1, DS3, ATM and V.35. Fibertronics is the acknowledged specialist within the area of media converters.

Fibertronics fiber to ethernet network media converters are used in Cisco Systems, IBM, Nortel, Microsoft and ADC. By using our media converters these world leading enterprises have managed to drastically cut their cabling costs. We aim to co-operate with a users existing network equipment without affecting either its appearance or performance.

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Ethernet to Fiber Media Converters
Ethernet to Fiber Optic Media Converters.

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SFP Modules / Trasceivers / CWDM
Singlemode and Multimode SFP Modules CWDM Modules

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Fiber Optic Switches
Fibertronics Fiber Optic switches

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Single-mode to Multimode Converters

This equipment can be used for ATM or SDH Single mode to Multimode conversions.

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Chassis Rack Mount Converters
Rack Mount Media Converter

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NIC / PCI / PCI Express Cards
Fiber Optic Computer Cards

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