One of the most common questions we at Fibertronics often receive is, "Do I need a Fiber Optic Termination Box?" The first response is typically to ask what kind of fiber optic installation are you looking at building? This will determine if a box is required or not.

Fiber Optic Terminations Boxes

When You'll Need a Termination Box

If you're ordering or have an existing fiber optic assemby over two strands we highly recommend the use of a termination box as it helps prevent contaminents such as dust from interferring with your assembly's connectors. Not to mention it keeps all the cables extremely well organised, making them much easier to work on in future as you upgrade your assembley.

How They Work

As previously mentioned, termination boxes, as the name implies, are used when fiber optic cables are terminationed or have connectors added to the ends. A fiber optic assemby is typically fed into a termination box and then has the excess wrapped around a buil-in, internal cable spool before being connected into a fiber optic adapter panel. The fiber optic cable coming from your equipment is then connected to the other side of the adapter panel before exiting the termination box.

Which to Choose?

Fiber optic termination boxes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Picking which one will work for your assembly will mostly depend on your own requirements such as number of fibers used and space available.