Designed as a miniature detachable connector the PRIZM® LightTurn® Connector provides passive alignment and novel retention features allowing multiple re-matings\perpendicular to the printed circuit board.

 PRIZM LightTurn Connector

This 12-fiber connector is made up of a multi-fiber floating ferrule with a photonic TIR lens enclosed in a protective housing. The perpendicular mating capability saves vast amounts of space on already densely packed circuit boards.

PRIZM LightTurnFeatures & Applications

  • TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens
  • Wavelength independent optical grade material
  • Bidirectional components
  • Integrated alignment pins
  • Housing protects TIR lens array
  • Ferrule float within the connector
  • Pre-alignment latches on connector housing
  • Keyed for proper mating orientation
  • Quick termination, no polishing
  • Less than 1 minute light cure for epoxy
  • Collimated light at optical interface

Where It's Used

The PRIZM® LightTurn® Connector can be used across multiple applications which include telecommunications, datacoms and within the newly emerging high-speed computercom markets.