Custom Cable Assemblies

Building quality, custom spec fiber optic cable assemblies is our specialty. We love what we do, which is why when we manufacture cables we do so only to the highest standards.



Custom Cables


Once we receive your custom cable order it is sent through to our Cable Design Department.

Here the materials needed are listed and a diagram is produced for use in the next step of the process.

02 | BUILD

The required cables and tubing are then pulled from our extensive stock and handed over to our skilled Assembly Technicians.

They then begin the process of cutting and putting together the cables according to the specific requirements. Once completed the cables are polished and testing the cables can begin.

03 | TEST

All cables are subjected to basic testing using a microscope. From there they are sent to our Interferometry Testing Department.

The cables and connectors are tested for insertion loss and return loss to ensure they meet industry standards. Each cable has its test results packaged with it and carefully shipped to you.

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