MXC® Fiber Optic Solutions

MXC® fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies enable the integration of up to 64 fibers per ferrule, achieving speeds of up to 1.6 terabits per second (Tbps) for cutting-edge communication systems. The MXC connectors and assemblies feature an advanced expanded beam lens design, effectively addressing common issues encountered with traditional physical contact products. This design enhances resistance to contaminants, elevates connection reliability, and simplifies installation processes. Aligned with the optical interconnect technology endorsed by the Open Compute Consortium, MXC connectors and cable assemblies cater to hyperscale data centers and disaggregation solutions, offering unparalleled density and user-friendliness in optical connectors. Additionally, cable assemblies equipped with MXC connectors are adaptable for standard jumper cable applications or can be seamlessly paired with Fibertronics, Inc. optical engines. We offer a diverse range of cable assembly configurations tailored to your specific design prerequisites.


Key Features and Benefits

Faster Speeds and Higher Density

  • High Density: Accommodates up to 64 fibers in a single cable assembly, offering 33% greater density compared to 48-fiber MPO cable assemblies.
  • Space Saving: Compact connector design reduces faceplate density, optimizing space utilization in your application.
  • Fast: Delivers impressive speeds with up to 1.6 Tbps capacity from a single connection, operating at 25G line speeds.

More Reliable Connections

  • Robust: Features an expanded beam lens design for heightened resistance to dust and dirt contamination, along with superior alignment tolerance compared to standard ferrule connectors.
  • Safeguarded: Recessed ferrules provide protection against potential damage during handling and mating, enhancing resilience against contaminants.

Easier Installation and Lower Operational Costs

  • Simple Latch: Incorporates a user-friendly LC-style latch for effortless insertion and removal.
  • Reduced Mating Forces: The recessed ferrule design minimizes mating forces, easing installation processes.
  • Minimal Cleaning Required: The ferrule's resistance to dust and dirt reduces the need for extensive lens cleaning before installation, facilitating faster data center start-up.

Variety of Options to Meet Design Requirements

  • Flexible Cable Assemblies: Choose from OM2, OM3, and OM4 fiber types to match your specific application requirements.
  • Custom Configurations: Request MXC-to-MPO, MXC-to-LC, and other breakout configurations tailored to your system design needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various applications including data center switches, servers, routers, enterprise storage, high-density multi-channel optical communication systems, and telecom networking.



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